Boeing FA-18C Hornet Military Jet

Σάββατο, 4 Ιανουαρίου 2014

Bulgarian Air Force 100years celebrations (Graf Ignatievo AFB) 2nd part

MiG-29A s/n 23, 32, 16
Graf Ignatievo Air Base (LBPG), is located in the village of Graf Ignatievo, about 10km north of the Bulgaria's 2nd largest city of Plovdiv. It is the sole remaining fighter base of the country and has 2 squadrons of jet aircrafts.
  I visited the Graf Ignatievo AB on October 6, 2012, for the celebration of 100 years since first combat flight of the Bulgarian Air Force.

Βefore and after the demonstration

MiG-21bis s/n 392

MiG-29A s/n 39

MiG-21bis s/n 358

MiG-29A s/n 37

MiG-29UB s/n 14, with special markings on the tail

PC-9M s/n 664

C-27J Spartan s/n 073

An-2 s/n 027

Mi-17 s/n 418

Mi-17 s/n 419